• Laboratory Facilities

    Pre- Clinical laboratory,Community health laboratory,Obstetrics and gynecologic laboratory,Child health nursing laboratory,Computer laboratory etc

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  • Library

    The Central library is central resource for current academic information and scientific literature of high quality The collections are focused on the University's main areas of competence, i.e. Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing.

  • Sports facilities

    we also provide sports facilities to prepare the students physicaly.such as cricket , volleyball etc.

  • Computer facilities

    College has well equipped Computer laboratory with Internet facilities for the students to learn application of computers in health care.

  • Personality development

    To enable the students of Rajasthan Education Institute of Nursing to be at par with the ever changing world, various personality development programmes are organized in the campus at regular interval, it includes lectures from experts in different field, various inter group and intera group competitions like - Debates, Extempore, Best out of Waste, Group Discussions, Brain Storming Sessions and Panel Discussions. Everyday one hour is totally devoted for the personality development.

  • Transportation

    College provides conveyance facilities by college buses for clinical training/College .College has its own fleet of buses. It punctually brings students from different corners of the city to College.