Dear students,

I welcome you in one of the premier educational Institutions of the Rajasthan state.

We are committed for fulfilling the academic needs of the state and continuously trying a vision ary diversification in innovative education with global paradigms. The establishment of the Rajasthan nursing college,gudha gorji reflects a positive stride in this direction aimed at producing quality students capable of strengthening and broadening the base of nursing Education

Our mission as an educational institution is to instill originality in the learning minds and impart strength and efficiency, by giving quality, value based education in the field of Nursing. We in our institute motivate students to improve their skills and creativity with the support of innovative selective knowledge, so that after completion of their study students can lead the society and bring perfection in entirety in this manner our guiding vision and mission is to pursue excellence constantly in all its endeavors while providing world-class education to its students and producing scientists who can serve to reduce the mismatch between the availability and demand for skilled human resources. Not even teach­ing and training one of the hallmarks of our institution is to provide the best environment for overall development of students and preservation of strong moral and traditional values of our Indian culture.

I invite you to join and experience the teaching and training environment at our campus. I strongly believe that as you discover more about us, you will appreciate the worthiness of our taught courses.

"Education is the biggest service to humanity". A Society can march ahead to prosperity, only when it has strong foundation of education.

With best wishes,
Rajasthan College of Nursing,gudha gorji